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Review: FX Photo Studio Pro for Mac

I haven’t used hardly any photo editing software for Mac. I have used both GIMP and for Windows, and FX Photo Studio Pro takes the cake when it comes to ease of use. It’s so easy to learn that my entire family could use it. 

One sweet interface

The interface is probably one of the best I’ve used and I wish more Mac apps would catch on and start making theirs like this. With just a few clicks you can pretty much do anything you’d want with your photos. It lets you scroll through the different effects you can use, and even gives you a preview of what it will look like before you apply it. You can turn off the effects previews that are under the editing space, or you can sort through the effects by category using the drop down menu. Everything is sleek looking and high quality making it feel like your using something that costs more then it really does.

Pro effects and tools for those of us that aren’t ‘experts’

Photoshop might be some of the best software you can buy to edit photos with, but for us ‘normal people’, who just like to mess around with our photos this is the perfect tool to use. It features over 150 high quality effects like you might see in Photoshop or other software like it, and this program is also extermely less money compared to those high end suites that could end up costing hundreds of dollars. 

What I don’t like

I got everything set up, edited a picture, and when I tried to share to Facebook it wouldn’t work. I emailed support about it and they said it’s a known problem and that it would be fixed in the next update. All the other ways the program lets you share, like Twitter and Tumblr, worked though. 

I love this thing 

I’ve only had this application for a day now, but my family and I already love it! It lets us upload photos when we’re done editing directly to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, and good old email. I’m by no means an expert at photo editing but for those who like to just edit, not spend a lot to do it, and share their pictures online with friends I’d highly recommend you check out this application from MacPhun.

I received this program for free so that I could review it. This in no way changes my opinion on the product.

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