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Should You Replace Facebook with Google+?

In my personal opinion, you should! But this isn’t about what I think, it’s about what you think. First of all you’re going to have to ask yourself this question, are you willing to give up all your friends, games, photos, the ‘nice’ blue and white colors of Face

book, and everything else you can do and use on and with Facebook just to use ‘another social network’? Maybe, but most likely not. Most people wouldn’t even think about moving over to Google+ just because they don’t want to lose everything on Facebook and all the friends they already have on it. Google+ isn’t all that bad, and compared to Google’s earlier social attempts at making themselves social, it completely beats all of them.

First impressions The site looks a lot like Facebook at first glance. Once you get into the site more you’ll notice some new and pretty cool features that Google has that Facebook doesn’t (yet). Most notably Google Circles, better privacy settings, a better chat system, and up to 10 person video chat, which from what I’ve heard is mostly lag free when compared to other video chat services like Skype.

Google Circles Facebook has something similar to Google Circles, called ‘Facebook Groups’ but it’s never really taken off mainly because it’s difficult to use (even for me). Circles is just a drag and drop interface which makes placing friends in to different groups way easier. Once you add them to the circles you want them in, you can easily change the privacy settings before every post you make so that you can share something with only the people that you want to share that certain post with.

Hangouts The group video chat feature called ‘Hangouts’ supports up to 10 people at once and  is another great feature in Google+. For one, Facebook doesn’t have this feature (yet) which from the social networks I’ve used makes Google+ the first social site with video chat that can support that many people at once.

Google Chat The text based chat system is also more stable than Facebook’s has ever been when I use it. Plus it lets you start a video, voice, or even add multiple people to the chat you’re in.

Conclusion  These are just some of the great features of Google’s new social network, and I’m sure there will be many more  in the coming weeks and months. All in all it’s a decent and impressive new service from Google. So back to the question, ‘Should you replace your Facebook with Google+?’. As of now I wouldn’t consider Google+ since it’s by invite only right now, and only people over 18 years of age can join the site right now. You could always just join once you find someone online to give you an invite, and then just try it out alongside Facebook.

In the end it’s up to what you want to do. Will you be using what could be the new ‘Facebook Killer’? Let me know in the comments.

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